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« : October 17, 2017, 23:55:53 »
Hello, guys
I'm selling Interlude (c6) pack for LOW/MID/HIGH servers.
Based: on L2jfrozen (Last rev.)
Why L2jfrozen? Because i need something for basic and when i started work with these files it was the best choice a couple years ago.
Right now nothing left from frozen except features. I changed almost everything, refactored many things, starting from a to z.
I made a lot of changes, updates and fixes + added my features.
All updates and fixes i did based on L2Official information (Core side (Source code) and Pack side)

Some important things what i want to mention:
GEODATA system:
Added H5 (High five) system which works perfect + all functions from H5.

Vote system:
Hopzone, topzone and l2network - Ip restriction, reward item (Config inside)

To each one(if you want) can add donate shop, symbol maker, augmenter, mammons, warehouse and work perfect (This function is more for high rates servers). For donate functions can use any an item and change prices (Config inside (functions: title color, name color, no karma, clan lvl, clan skils and etc.)

Black Market:
Can choose any an item and use for black market. (Config inside)

Schemes and Simple. Can update each buff and change option (for premium, for votes or for an item(Config inside))

Community board:
Working mail system, buffer and gatekeeper.

Unique command: .menu:

If i something forgot i'll add later. Also, screenshots will be added later.
Everything you can check here: (ON 243) „LifeDrain.Net“ - Lineage 2 gaming servers

All reported bugs will be fixed for FREE.
Skype: or send PM for more details.
« : December 08, 2017, 20:42:04 Vilmis »