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Guys, please fix your links.

Discussions / Re: suggestion
« : June 18, 2018, 18:24:15 »
There are some huge russian mid rate servers with that feature and its working, so its not only for high rate servers as you thinking. Anyway I dont care how it will be but i just suggested to change something becouse on every edition there's nothing change and always is this same story... 

What about clean x100 section from post of last edition?
What you mean?
Btw, about updates. You say always same story... This is because of that i'm doing biggest part updates in core side which means most updates can't see it, but can feel it on gameplay and all updates/fixes you can see in changelog section.

Discussions / Re: beta off?
« : June 18, 2018, 18:19:32 »
Sorry, i was testing some things and access was only for admins. Now is for all and you can login.

Discussions / Re: Postpone server start
« : June 18, 2018, 14:56:05 »
Anyway most important is that you could do same this weekend or one week later, because it's gonna be on the weekend. Besides i believe you won't be so busy that you couldn't player on regular day before holidays when is just one week. :)

Discussions / Re: suggestion
« : June 18, 2018, 14:50:27 »
clean section of x100 server, to dont have spam from last edition....

Make ant queen lvl 80 - its better to make more pvp there ;)
Thanks  for your suggestion, but i think this modification is more for pvp server with x9999 rates, but not for MID rates server. :)

Discussions / Re: Postpone server start
« : June 16, 2018, 02:12:05 »
Its very bad. Everything is about the start. You know the most ppl will play the first days and then slowly stop :(
But you know like you said „national holiday“ starts week later after start, right? I think this is not same in all countries and i'm not sure we'll have a lot of players from your country. Btw, where are you from?

Discussions / Re: Postpone server start
« : June 15, 2018, 20:38:33 »
Hi Admin,

Would it be possible to postpone the server start by 1 week?
We're having national holiday here and we would like to start from the start.

Thank you.


I'm sorry, but unfortunately it's already too late to announce about delaying of server start.
Btw, it's just only one week and we're starting on the weekend. So, it's not so bad for you. Isn't?

Announcements / The New Season of x100 server!
« : June 02, 2018, 21:12:47 »

So, just in short. We have made many updates/fixes in server core/data side A-Z and now it need to check from A to Z. That's why x100 server is running in BETA MODE. Please, do report on forum or skype, then we will be able to fix much faster and report about fix.

What's gonna be in the new season - top 3:
1. The new server machine:
CPU:  Intel  Xeon E3-1245v5 - 4c/8t - 3.5GHz /3.9GHz
RAM:  32GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
TRAFFIC: 500 Mbps bandwidth (burst   1 Gbps ) unlimited + Anti-DDoS Pro
2. Additional protection - Smartguard.
3. The new events which gonna be announced on the website soon.

That's all for now, guys. Stay in following with us, because will be more news and updates

The New START: 22nd June, 20:00 UTC+3

Updates / Changelog #109
« : May 28, 2018, 16:55:22 »

  • FIXED - Raid Boss's Healers (raid fighters) should run away from attackers, healers must ONLY heal! They do not attack. Just Heal and run around boss.
  • FIXED - Zaken and Ant Queen Zone (It doesn't teleport out Offline Players)
  • FIXED - there's a problem with queuing up skills, you need to wait till one skill is over before you can click on another one, for example bishop can't click on major heal and during casting click on balance life, because then balance life won't be used.
  • ADDED - A new system of NPC AI. Now all npcs have additional types: mage, fighter, healer, archer, corpse and balanced. Also, it makes all monsters work better and they are much smarter.
All fixes were updating by L2OFF info. If found any mistake please report it to an admin,

Please report ALL ANY ISSUES/BUGS to skype or forum, because administrators aren't telepaths and can't read your minds, guys. If you want better server without issues, then report any issue. THANK YOU!

Updates / Changelog #108
« : May 26, 2018, 01:36:04 »

  • FIXED - Mobs: Pronghorn and Frost Buffalo must multiply ONLY when they are attacked ONLY by PSYCHICAL SKILL (Like spoil, or other FIGHTERS skill, only fighters) https:// https://
  • FIXED - Frintezza: Hall Alarm Device (18328) Now you kill 3 and doors has been opened, must be killed 4 to open doors... Same in second Room, you kill 2 moobs and doors opened but must be killed 4...
  • FIXED - Frintezza: If you got Debuff "Frintezza Dance" and you die then effect is still in town, and you need relogin.
  • FIXED - Gate Chant: If WarCryer got dmg (Is in combat) when casting "Gate" then gate must be failed, ALWAYS! (Can finish skill but cant summon players, but you can just do cancel skill)
  • FIXED - Baium use only skills, dont hit by hand, or does it very very very rarely.
  • FIXED - If you want use Mass resurrection you need target, that is bad. you dont need target in retail.
  • FIXED - Frintezza dont checking party (Command Channel) members, if one player is away you can't start Instance w/o Him. Script must check players and if one (or more) is away "Player %name% is out of range"
  • FIXED - Summon Life Cubic, this Cubic dont have max range, must have ~900, now dont have and can heal everywhere.
  • FIXED - MOBS "Hall Device Alarm, Evil Spirit, Dark Choir Archer, Dark Choir Lancer, Dark Choir Captain, Breath of Halisha" can't drop herbs.
  • FIXED - Trained Cougar, Trained Buffalo and Trained Kookaburra do buff floOd when you have buff's with higher lvl's.
  • FIXED - RB must have chance (~10%) for debuffs: Hex, Power Break, Surrender's, Gloom
  • FIXED - Frintezza - AOE skill dont give dmg, and Frintezza cast this skill to much times, must have reuse 2-3min.
  • FIXED/ADDED - You can take mob's from everywhere to town and block GK and other NPC, mobs inside town are still aggressive. It needs something like disabled aggro when they are out of aggro range or spawn point.
  • FIXED - Skill "AV - Teleport" id 4671 dont work, mob must teleport in random range (max 800) every 1-2min as i remember - now just use animation, and only when is under attack. And additional, mob with this skill must teleport to player. (mob try do this but skill dont work).
  • FIXED - Skill delevel, for example if you have 52 lvl and you got new skills then this skills gone when you delevel char to 42. so maximum delevel range is 10 lvl's. https://
  • FIXED - Dimension rift has problem with re-spawn of mobs. Sometimes they are double and already  spawned on teleport. They can't be already spawned.
  • FIXED - Some clan halls  npc dont have open/close outside.

  • FIXED: Spawned missed mobs in FOG
  • FIXED: Spawn Lesser Giant Glaki, sometimes players got "Cannot see target".
  • FIXED/ADDED: Frintezza aggro range.
  • FIXED: Hall Alarm Device and  Evil Spirit NOW dont have aggro, cant move, and cant attack players.
  • DELETED: Hall Alarm (not Hall Alarm Device) This NPC is wrong here.
  • FIXED: Decreased chance for level up Soul Crystal's (Retail Like)
  • FIXED: Skill "Break Duress lvl 2" Now removing ROOT and SLOW
  • FIXED: Mobs "Elder" spawns in Enchanted Valley
  • FIXED: Added Social and Social range to mobs in Hot Springs.
  • FIXED: Fixed Social range for all mobs.
  • FIXED: Fixed spawns in TOI.
  • FIXED: Increased HP for Hall Device Alarm and Evil Spirit.
  • FIXED: Increased Run Speed for mob "Breath of Halisha".
  • FIXED: All stats on every Frintezza Stage.
  • FIXED: All mobs aggresion and stats in Second Room of Frintezza Instance.
  • FIXED: Increased reuse for Gate Chant (Retail Like)
  • FIXED: Frintezza skill type (DARK)
  • DELETED: CPB Spoil from mob "Elder Lost Watcher"
  • FIXED: Reuse time for Final Servitor.
All fixes were updating by L2OFF info. If found any mistake please report it to an admin,

Please report ALL ANY ISSUES/BUGS to skype or forum, because administrators aren't telepaths and can't read your minds, guys. If you want better server without issues, then report any issue. THANK YOU!

Updates / Changelog #107
« : May 14, 2018, 03:47:14 »
  • Summon Friend and Gate Chant dont use Spiritshot's (longer cast).  - FIXED, now it uses.
  • When you have full Inventory then Auto Pickup automatically turns on - FIXED.
  • Problem with combat and Exit Game. 1. If you hit player by skill after hit you and him can leave game. (in combat) 2. if YOU hit player by hand you cant leave game, but him can leave. (in combat)  - FIXED.
  • Raid Curse doesnt work when Raid Fighters is away or death - FIXED, report was not very correctly, but now is fixed like L2OFF.
  • Celestial shield / Mystic immunity / Flames of Invincibility dont block self buffs for example. zealot / frenzy - FIXED like L2OFF. Now it blocks.
  • After Change weapon automatic Spiritshots and Blessed Spiritshots dont work, must be again Turn off and On. - FIXED, all system was re-created before that's why we had this small issue. Sorry about that, guys.

    *** It needs server restart.

    Please report ALL ANY ISSUES/BUGS to skype or forum, because administrators aren't telepaths and can't read your minds, guys. If you want better server without issues, then report any issue. THANK YOU!

Polls / Re: [POLL] LifeDrain World:CLassic x100
« : May 11, 2018, 18:15:06 »
When new start?
I don't know yet. Soon.

Polls / [POLL] Custom PvP zone & Custom Boss inside.
« : April 25, 2018, 01:26:02 »
Hey, i'm thinking about some great updates on the new start and i need your opinion.
And one of them: PvP zone with the boss inside.
About this i was thinking a long time ago to do that. It could be something like: More than one map (change time) for pvp zone and inside zone a custom boss (in middle of zone) with a great drop. Player will have a random spot to revive and same on teleport to this zone. Maybe even custom drop from player on kill like a coin or something for trade to something. What you think about this, guys? Then will be real pvp-craft server.

Updates / Changelog #106
« : April 23, 2018, 21:20:39 »
  • Added: Auto buffs on character start.
  • Added: Auto shortcuts of macro on character start (.menu, .buffs, .votereward, .gk).
  • Added: A new command: enchant glow on/off of all (Inside „.menu“ command).
  • Added: Auto buffs for fighter/mage inside buffer.

*** It needs server restart.

Please report ALL ANY ISSUES/BUGS to skype or forum, because administrators aren't telepaths and can't read your minds, guys. If you want better server without issues, then report any issue. THANK YOU!

Polls / [POLL] LifeDrain World:CLassic x100
« : April 23, 2018, 21:13:48 »
Hello, fellas
So, the last start was on 11th January and right now when server is empty we're planing a new start.
Vote for it and also you can to suggest a better date for start.
By the way we're gonna update our protection and on the next start will add a smartguard like additional protection.

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