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Updates / Changelog #94
« on: January 24, 2018, 22:42:23 »
  • Fixed Quests:
    -The Other Side Of Truth
    -Added Exp/SP for complete Quest.
    -Added max 63 level for Start Quest.
    -After Finish quest all Quest Items disappear properly

    -An Ice Merchants Dream
    -Added max 63 level for start Quest, and drop Quest Items.
    -Fixed Second Part of Quest (For start second part you need complete Quest "The Other Side Of Truth")
    -Fixed Quest Item Drop Silver Hemocyte.
    -Fixed Exchange Silver Ice Crystal's and Black Ice Crystal's for Material's and Enchant's
  • Corrected all boss zones.
  • Corrected a lot of water zones.
  • Some small corrections in core side.

Updates / Changelog #93
« on: January 18, 2018, 07:53:20 »
  • Updated some server configurations for better performance and stability (Thread Configuration).
  • Corrected some skills of 4Sepulchers - effect zones, now they don't use buff slot.
  • Updated geodata  of „Ant Nest“ (Inside/Outside).
  • Updated synchronisation system client<->server (Better performance now)

Updates / Changelog #92
« on: January 15, 2018, 23:50:26 »
  • Increased Weight Limit x2.
  • Increased craft slot from 50 to 80.
  • Added back NPC of Olympiad (it was removed temporary).
  • Added back level limit of boss: Orfen zone [58lv].
  • Added BONUS for new accounts. The new account gets PREMIUM ACC for 3 days [Reborn x77 server].
  • Added bot protection captcha [It won't work in peace zone].
  • Corrected skills: Purification Field and Flames of Invincibility was reduced hit time and reuse time [By L2OFF]

Discussions / HOT TOPIC: Skill - Day of Doom. Decrease M def or not?
« on: January 09, 2018, 17:32:10 »
In these days we've got a dilemma about this skill The Day of Doom.
Should this skill decrease m def or not?

I'm fixing all mistakes by l2 official information (Real information) and i don't want to do a mistake. So, who's gonna help me to find out?

By me - it should  not decrease m def and everywhere in description is only: type m def, which means fire, water, earth and wind are increasing power, but not all skills and it doesn't mean real m def...

Here we go. We have a skill and his info:

Updates / Changelog #91
« on: January 08, 2018, 22:50:40 »
  • Fixed Faction ID and Range for Raid Boss and Group Leaders
  • Fixed Faction ID and Range for Raid Fighters.
Fixed Raid Boss and Group Leaders: Dre Vanul, Varikan Brigand Leader, Vrykolakas, Pirate Captain Uthanka, White Fang, Kobold Looter Bepook, Gigantiops, Roxide, Death Fire, Snipe, Dark Lord, Dragon Bearer Chief, Pytan, Lord of the Plains, Timak Orc Troop Leader, Barif, Conjurer Bat Lord, Ragna Orc Seer, Hatu Brown Bear, Hatu Windsus, Wasp Leader, Tanor Silenos, Tanor Silenos Chieftain, Nightmare Lord, Connabi, Innersen, Pobby, Past Knight, Dark Guard, Bloody Lord, Black Shadow, Giant's Shadow, Forgotten Ancient People, Spiteful Soul Leader, Elmoradan's Lady, Hallate's Follower Mul, Binder, Sairon, Lageos, Swamp Tribe, Garden Guard Leader, Beast Lord, Slaughter Bathin, Magus Valac, Power Angel Amon, Bloody Guardian, Eye of Ruler, Ketra Commander, Ketra's Head Shaman, Ketra Prophet, Varka's Commander, Varka's Head Magus, Varka's Prophet, Pilgrim of Splendor, Judge of Splendor, Requiem Lord, Requiem Priest, Vagabond of the Ruins, Massive Maze Bandersnatch, Elder Lost Watcher, Panthera, Lost Gargoyle Youngling, Pronghorn, Frost Iron Golem, Frost Buffalo, Ursus, Frost Yeti, Monastic Crusader, Beholder of Light, Velociraptor, Ornithomimus, Deinonychus, Pachycephalosaurus, Wild Strider, Greyclaw Kutus, Turek Mercenary Captain, Retreat Spider Cletu, Furious Thieles, Ghost of Peasant Leader, The 3rd Underwater Guardian, Breka Warlock Pastu, Stakato Queen Zyrnna, Katu Van Leader Atui, Atraiban, Eva's Guardian Millenu, Shilen's Messenger Cabrio, Tirak, Remmel, Barion, Karte, Rahha, Kernon, Biconne of Blue Sky, Unrequited Kael, Wizard of Storm Teruk, Captain of Red Flag Shaka, Enchanted Forest Watcher Ruell, Bloody Priest Rudelto, Princess Molrang, Cat's Eye Bandit, Leader of Cat Gang, Timak Orc Chief Ranger, Soulless Wild Boar, Korim, Elf Renoa, Rotten Tree Repiro, Sorcerer Isirr, Ghost of the Well Lidia, Antharas Priest Cloe, Agent of Beres, Meana, Icarus Sample 1, Messenger of Fairy Queen Berun, Refugee Hopeful Leo, Vuku Grand Seer Gharmash, Carnage Lord Gato, Leto Chief Talkin, Beleth's Seer Sephia, Hekaton Prime, Fire of Wrath Shuriel, Serpent Demon Bifrons, Zombie Lord Crowl, Flame Lord Shadar, Shaman King Selu, Paniel the Unicorn, Ikuntai, Lizardmen Leader Hellion, Tiger King Karuta, Black Lily, Guardian of the Statue of Giant Karum, Demon Kurikups, Tasaba Patriarch Hellena, Cronos's Servitor Mumu, Earth Protector Panathen, Water Dragon Seer Sheshark, Krokian Padisha Sobekk, Ocean Flame Ashakiel, Water Couatle Ateka, Sebek, Fafurion's Page Sika, Cursed Clara, Death Lord Hallate, Soul Collector Acheron, Roaring Lord Kastor, Timak Seer Ragoth, Vanor Chief Kandra, Abyss Brukunt, Harit Hero Tamash, Last Lesser Giant Glaki, Palatanos of Horrific Power, Palibati Queen Themis, Taik High Prefect Arak, Iron Giant Totem, Kernon's Faithful Servant Kelone, Bloody Empress Decarbia, Beast Lord Behemoth, Carnamakos, Lilith, Anakim, Daimon the White-Eyed, Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs, Icicle Emperor Bumbalump, Ketra's Hero Hekaton, Ketra's Commander Tayr, Soul of Fire Nastron, Varka's Hero Shadith, Varka's Commander Mos, Soul of Water Ashutar, Ember, Demon's Agent Falston, Flame of Splendor Barakiel, Eilhalder von Hellmann, Shadow of Halisha, Shadow of Halisha, Shadow of Halisha, Shadow of Halisha, Giant Wasteland Basilisk, Gargoyle Lord Sirocco, Sukar Wererat Chief, Tiger Hornet, Tracker Leader Sharuk, Kuroboros' Priest, Soul Scavenger, Malex Herald of Dagoniel, Zombie Lord Farakelsus, Madness Beast, Kaysha Herald of Icarus, Revenant of Sir Calibus, Evil Spirit Tempest, Red Eye Captain Trakia, Captain of Queen's Royal Guards, Archon Suscepter, Eye of Beleth, Skyla, Corsair Captain Kylon, Lord Ishka, Road Scavenger Leader, Necrosentinel Royal Guard, Nakondas, Dread Avenger Kraven, Orfen's Handmaiden, Fairy Queen Timiniel, Betrayer of Urutu Freki, Mammon Collector Talos, Flamestone Golem, Bandit Leader Barda, Thief Kelbar, Evil Spirit Cyrion, Enmity Ghost Ramdal, Immortal Savior Mardil, Cherub Galaxia, Meanas Anor, Mirror of Oblivion, Deadman Ereve, Harit Guardian Garangky, Gorgolos, Last Titan Utenus, Grave Robber Kim, Ghost Knight Kabed, Shilen's Priest Hisilrome, Magus Kenishee, Zaken's Chief Mate Tillion, Water Spirit Lian, Gwindorr, Eva's Spirit Niniel, Fafurion's Envoy Pingolpin, Fafurion's Henchman Istary, Boss Akata, Nellis' Vengeful Spirit, Rayito the Looter, Dark Shaman Varangka, Queen Shyeed, Master Anays, Flamestone Giant, Kirunak, Merkenis, Calpico, Shyslassys, Baraham, Ice Fairy Sirra.

Fixed Raid Fighters and Mobs: Dre Vanul Scout, Merkenis Escort, Varika's Bandit, Vrykolakas Wolfkin, Uthanka Pirate, Kirunak's Guards, Grey Wolf Elder, Bepook's Pet, Young Gigantiops, Roxide Cohort, Fire Archer, Snipe Cohort, Dragon Bearer Warrior, Dragon Bearer Archer, Pytan Knight, Shaman of the Plains, Warrior of the Plains, Scout of the Plains, Timak Orc Troop Shaman, Timak Orc Troop Warrior, Timak Orc Troop Archer, Barif's Pet, Conjurer Bat, Hatu Weird Bee, Hatu Dire Wolf, Hatu Onyx Beast, Hatu Crimson Bear, Wasp Worker, Tanor Silenos Grunt, Tanor Silenos Scout, Tanor Silenos Warrior, Tanor Silenos Shaman, Nightmare Guide, Nightmare Keeper, Cadeine, Sanhidro, Bartal, Luminun, Pobby's Maid, Pobby Escort, Hungered Corpse, Ghostly Warrior, Nihil Invader, Death Agent, Bloody Ghost, Bloody Knight, Bloody Priest, Huge Footmark, Chimera Piece, Past Creature, Nonexistent Man, Soldier of Ancient Times, Warrior of Ancient Times, Shaman of Ancient Times, Spiteful Soul Wizard, Spiteful Soul Fighter, Elmoradan's Archer Escort, Elmoradan's Maid, Mul's Wizard, Mul's Knight, Bound Warrior, Bound Archer, Sairon's Doll, Sairon's Puppet, Pageos, Swamp Alligator, Swamp Warrior, Garden Guard, Soldier of Darkness, Beast Guardian, Beast Seer, Bound Shaman, Bathin's Knight, Bathin's Wizard, Valac's Creature, Valac's Guardian Spirit, Amon's Captain of the Guards, Amon's Spirits, Bloody Keeper, Bloody Mystic, Sly Hound Dog, Ketra Elite Guard, Ketra's Head Guard, Prophet's Guard, Prophet's Aide, Varka's Elite Guard, Varka's Head Guard, Prophet Guard, Disciple of Prophet, Disciple of Pilgrim, Page of Pilgrim, Judge of Fire, Judge of Light, Requiem Behemoth, Requiem Behemoth, Requiem Behemoth, Requiem Behemoth, Forgotten Crewman, Lost Bandersnatch, Lost Watcher, Baby Panthera, Lost Gargoyle, Pronghorn Spirit, Lost Iron Golem, Lost Buffalo, Ursus Cub, Lost Yeti, Monastic Pilgrim, Divine Advocate, Pilgrim of Light, Velociraptor, Velociraptor, Ornithomimus, Ornithomimus, Deinonychus, Deinonychus, Pachycephalosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Wild Strider, Wild Strider, Velociraptor, Ornithomimus, Deinonychus, Pachycephalosaurus, Wild Strider, Guard of Kutus, Pawn of Kutus, Turek Mercenary Archer, Turek Mercenary Warrior, Cletu's Retainer, Cletu's Pawn, Guard of Thieles, Follower of Thieles, Ghost of Peasant, Ghost of Peasant, Escort of the 3rd Guardian, Support of the 3rd Guardian, Pastu's Silhouette, Pastu's Shadow, Jeruna's Guard Captain, Jeruna's Guard, Katu Van Marksman, Katu Van Raider, Atraiban's Top Disciple, Atraiban's Disciple, Millenu Guard Shaman, Mellenu Guard Warrior, Cabrio Captor, Cabrio Blader, Tirak's Guard, Tirak's Knight, Remmel's Archer, Remmel's Guard, Dark Mage's of Barion, Barion's Grunt, Karte's Chief Knight, Karte's Royal Guard, Priestess of Rahha, Fanatics of Rahha, Taliadon, Vemsk, Biconne's Shooter, Biconne's Warrior, Kael's Bead, Kael's Escort, Teruk's Escort, Teruk's Knight, Shaka's Shooter, Shaka's Follower, Ruell's Wind, Ruell's Unicorn, Rudelto's Banshee, Rudelto's Dre Vanul, Captain Dogun, Princess' Guard, Mercenary, Cat's Eye Bandit, Cat Gang, Cat Gang, Timak Orc Ranger, Timak Orc Ranger, Soulless Wolf, Soulless Bear, Korim Chief Guard Kaywon, Korim Guards, Renoa's Elpy, Renoa's Hog, Spirit of Sea of Spores, Fighter of Sea of Spores, Isirr's Guard, Isirr's Guards, Lidia's Archer, Lidia's Fighter, Cloe's Servitor, Cloe's Servitor, Meana's Maid, Meana's Guard Doll, Icarus Sample 2, Icarus Sample 3, Berun's Officer, Berun's Prattler, Leo's Servant, Leo's Steward, Vuku Shaman, Gharmash's Pet Trimden, Gato's Marksman, Gato's Troop Leader, Talkin's Seer, Talkin's Bodyguard, Soul Drinker, Sephia's Salve, Hekaton Cottus, Hekaton Chires, Shuriel's Oracle, Shuriel's Paladin, Assassin of Bifrons, Butcher of Bifrons, Evil Spirit Archer, Evil Spirit Warrior, Claws of Shadar, Whip of Shadar, Fanatic Shaman, Fanatic Soldier, Rapini the Unicorn, Ririf the Unicorn, Ikuntai's Servitor, Pawn of Ikuntai, Hellion's Archers, Hellion's Guards, Karuta's Follower, Karuta's Inferiors, Guardian Knight of Black Lily, Servitor of Black Lily, Karum's Guard, Karum's Warrior, Kurikups' Wife, Devil Blader of Chaos, Hellena's Marksman, Helena's Soldier, Mumu's Wizard, Mumu's Warrior, Panathen's Knight, Panathen's Protectors, Family of Sheshark, Guard of Sheshark, Parhit Padisha Sobekk, Krokian Padisha Sobekk, Ashakia's Blade, Ashakiel's Rod, Ateka's Shaman, Ateka's Grunt, Sebek's Priest, Sebek's Fanatic, Sika's Wizard, Sika's Fighter, Clara's Marksman, Clara's Pawn, Death Mage Krician, Death Fighter Harik, Soul Slasher, Soul Strainer, Kastor's Seer, Kastor's Prefect, Ragoth's Guard, Ragoth's Herald, Kandra's Healer, Kandra's Guard, Monstrous Beast of Abyss Brukunt, Wild Beast of Abyss Brukunt, Tamash's Advisor, Tamash's Servant, Glaki's Henchman, Glaki's Servant, Man-Eating Plant of Palatanos, Sapling of Palatanos, Handmaiden of Themis, Themis's Sentinel, Arak's Archer, Arak's Footman, Totem Guard Archer, Totem Guard, Kelone's Assassin, Kelone's Secret Knight, Decarbia's Royal Guard, Decarbia's Escort, Behemoth Javeliner, Behemoth Flare, Carnabarun, Carnassiud, Lilith's Agent, Lilith's Escort, Anakim's Guardian, Anakim's Royal Guard, Anakim's Executor, Family of Daimon, Family of Daimon, Fighter of Hestia, Follower of Hestia, Icicle Giant, Icicle Giant, Scout of Hekaton, Servant of Hekaton, Tayr's Aide, Tayr's Guard, Family of Nastron, Family of Nastron, Shadith's Royal Guard Captain, Shadith's Sentinel, Mos' Aide, Mos' Guard, Family of Ashutar, Family of Ashutar, Sentinel of Ember, Messenger of Ember, Falston's Disciple, Servant of Falston, Barakiel's Disciple, Barakiel's Acolyte, Violet, Kurstin, Mina, Dorian, Knight of Shadow, Giant Wasteland Basilisk, Sirocco's Gargoyle, Sirocco's Guards, Sukar Wererat Guard, Sukar Wererat Priest, Yellow Hornet, Sharuk's Tracker, Sharuk's Marksman, Kuroboros' Follower, Kuroboros' Discipline, Corpse Scavenger, Anima Scavenger, Abyss Flyer, Warrior Zombie of Farakelsus, Priest Zombie of Farakelsus, Dementia Beast, Nightmare Flyer, Hostile Flyer, Servant of Calibus, Ghost of the Execution Grounds, Malignant Spirit of the Execution Grounds, Red Eye Archer, Red Eye Guards, Marsh Stakato Noble, Kusion Suscepter, Gustos Suscepter, Apprentice of Watchman, Page of Watchman, Retainer of Skyla, Follower of Skyla, Kylon's Pirate, Kylon's Mate, Ishka's Elite Officer, Ishka's Elite Soldier, Road Scavenger Henchman, Necrosentinel Archer, Necrosentinel Soldier, Nakondas' Slave, Nakondas' Chain, Dread Panther, Trisalim Escort, Page of Rotting Tree, Timiniel's Royal Guards, Timiniel's Royal Guard Captain, Freki's Vampire Bat, Freki's Wild Bear, Talos' Cohort, Elemental of Flame, Elemental of Spark, Barda's Bandit, Barda's Shaman, Kelbar's Inferior, Kelbar's Wizard, Evil Creature of Forest, Anger of Forest, Enmity Ghosts, Shooter of Enmity, Immortal Savior, Immortal Guide, Galaxia's Guards, Messenger of Angel, Wyvern of Marsh, Succubus of Marsh, Shards of Oblivion, Shadow of Oblivion, Shards of Oblivion, Ereve's Knight, Ereve's Squire, Garangky Guard Captain, Garangky Guard Shaman, Garangky Guard, Cursed Life, Cursed Soul, Utenus's Wizard, Utenus's Guard, Kim's Gang, Kabed's Soldier, Kabed's Archer, Hisilrome's Servitor, Hisilrome's Page, Shadow of Kenishee, Phantom of Kenishee, Tillion's Inferior, Tillion's Bat, Spirit of Gildor, Guardian of Gildor, Guard of Gwindorr, Follower of Gwindorr, Spirit of Niniel, Spirit of Niniel, Fafurion's Envoy, Alligator of Istary, Alligator of Istary, Akata's Thug, Akata's Lackey, Nellis' Follower, Rayito's Henchman, Rayito's Henchman, Varangka's Descendant, Varangka's Page, Spiked Stakato, Spiked Stakato, Splendor Disciple, Splendor Worshiper, Flame Spirit, Charged Spirit, Calpico's Goons, Cave Basilisk, Death Knight, Death Wraith, Susceptor, Raikel Leos, Sirra's Page, Sirra's Beholder,

Announcements / LifeDrain: Reborn x77 - Important information
« on: January 04, 2018, 22:50:00 »

The Announced events:
Poster EVENT (Win 50 Donate COINS): http://lifedrain.net/forum/index.php?topic=467.0
Clan EVENT: http://lifedrain.net/forum/index.php?topic=264.0

Additional info:
Added NPC Adventurers' Guide - which gives you a weapon from 6lvl for coupon.
The buffer and gatekeepers are free until reach 40lvl.

The Grand Bosses:
Queen Ant, Core and Orfen - they will be on START.
Other - by their re-spawn time. It means,
Zaken - after 2 days, Frintezza - after 2 days, Baium - after 4 days and etc.

The Olympiad:
Starting - 15th of January.

Other info:

The newest updates:
Changelog #90 http://lifedrain.net/forum/index.php?topic=893.0
Changelog #89 http://lifedrain.net/forum/index.php?topic=891.0
Changelog #88 http://lifedrain.net/forum/index.php?topic=885.0
Changelog #87 http://lifedrain.net/forum/index.php?topic=864.0

Announcements / LifeDrain: Reborn x77! [Second server - BETA Started]
« on: January 03, 2018, 02:09:32 »
The one account for both servers. Second server is almost the same, just removed START items for better valuation of currency adena and updated EXP / SP rates, other is same like first server. We don't want to do too often wipes and we hate it. That's why we're opening second server with some updated information. Reborn x77 is BETA server for now and who want to test it can join us. All ITEMS is FREE at GM Shop. All found bugs please report at forum. Thank you!

The New Patch and fully server info - coming soon.

Announcements / LifeDrain: Reborn x77! [Second server]
« on: January 01, 2018, 21:39:28 »

Hello, fellas
We want to announce The Grand START of our second server - Reborn x77. This server will be very similar to Classic x100 with a little bit updated information. The BETA coming soon, just in few days! Keep following us and wait the news. All important information will be added soon.

Best regards,
LifeDrain Team

Updates / Changelog #90
« on: December 25, 2017, 12:55:35 »
  • Updated Skill: Erase - Changed chance from 80% to 50%.
  • Updated Olympiad: Changed None Classed Participants from minimum 2 to 4.
  • Updated Olympiad: Changed teleport wait time from 2min. to 1min.
  • Fixed enter to Hall of Flames bug: You won't lose access on enter to Lair of Valakas by disconnect/error.
  • Fixed Four Sepulchers Last room exploit.

Announcements / Merry Christmas!
« on: December 25, 2017, 06:09:41 »

Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas!

Updates / Changelog #89
« on: December 23, 2017, 06:48:22 »
  • Corrected Skill: Day of Doom - From now on, works on the bosses and cannot be reflected.
  • Corrected Skill: Cleanse - Before didn't clean up the effect of stun by some skills, now cleans up.
  • Corrected teleport location: Giran Gatekeeper - „Antharas' Lair -Magic Force Field Bridge (Noblesse Only] teleport)“.
  • Fixed: password changer at .menu command.
  • Added: Teleport to TOI (5th floor) and Teleport to Imperial Tomb (Global Gatekeeper).

Polls / POLL: The Ant Nest
« on: December 19, 2017, 20:16:32 »
Let's vote!

Announcements / Successfully started!
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:56:48 »
The server successfully started and we wanna remind you that The All Epic Boss will do re-spawn just from tomorrow by their re-spawn time information, which means: Queen Ant, Core and Orfen do re-spawn at 17th of December by their time.

Updates / Changelog #88
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:37:30 »
  • A small issue of inventory update when try buy or use gatekeeper is FIXED.
  • Corrected Boss Barakiel re-spawn time.
  • Deleted all spell books from drop list.
  • Core side - clean up/fixes of small issues and some code corrections. What ensures better stability and performance.
  • Updated The Ant Nest - from now on, enter to The Nest is not allowed higher than 49 level player.

Suggestions / Suggestions for server!
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:13:30 »
Hi there,
If you think have a good idea to server, please post it here and we'll consider to add that.

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